The Power Of Smell



Peace In Your Life

 Your sense of smell is the most primal sense you have. It's connected to the olfactory nerve that is next to the limbic system which is the seat of your emotions. Smell is responsible for how you react to different situations. Animals use the sense of smell to determine if there is danger, to find food and to attract a mate. It works the same for humans.

Your Mind Body connection is how everything effects your behavior and habits. The decisions you make and have made - present and past - have created the life you are living right now.

How do you define yourself and your worth as a human being?

There is nothing wrong with you! You are not your behavior or habits.

Let's learn how the aroma of an Orange Rind can change your mood and emotions.




A Calm Clear Mind

1. Think about a current situation that feels overwhelming, frustrating or confusing.

2. Name the feeling word that describes how you feel when you picture the situation. Examples: sad, hopeless, frustrated, fearful, angry, etc.

3. Locate this feeling in your body. Examples, heart center, belly, head or anywhere else in the body. It could also be a bodily posture as slumped shoulders or clenched teeth.

4. What is the negative thought connected to the feeling? Example: I don't have enough time, I shouldn't react the way I do, I'm not smart enough, I don't have enough money, etc.

5. You will be using the rind of an organic orange. If it's not organic, wash thoroughly before using.

Lightly scratch the rind of the orange and breathe the aroma into the situation that is bothering you. Notice what happens.

You might have to do another round or you may schedule a time with me for a Aroma Freedom session to clear the emotional challenge or memory that's interfering with your everyday life purpose.


Aroma Freedom


                            Intended For


...Growth, Expansion & Transformation


As a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner I can customize a step by step process that will be specific with your needs.

These processes are proven techniques that are effective for shifting negative feelings, thoughts and emotions. It's intended to set a person's emotional energy flowing in a positive direction towards growth, expansion and transformation.

Aroma Freedom Techniques are based on years of research and clinical psychology experience.

Calming Recipe


Reset Your Mind


1. Memory Release Blend is intended to create peace during moments in your day that are overwhelming, frustrating or confusing. Once you have that picture in your mind of the situation disturbing you, name the feeling word (1 word) and where you feel it in your body (it can be multiple places).

2. Place 1 drop each of the essential oils below in the palm of your hand, rub together, make a tent over your nose. Now inhale the aroma into the situation that is bothering you. Notice what happens.

1 drop Lavender

1 drop Frankincense

1 drop Stress Away

You may need to do more than 1 round. If memories or other negative thoughts come up, please contact me for a FREE 20 minute discovery call. We will evaluate what the next step is to create Emotional Balance in your life. 

You are worth it!  Invest in yourself!

Your Health Is Your Wealth
To Your Transformation

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Dissolving Fixed Mindsets

Bringing in New Awareness, Creativity and Infinite possibilities! 

Aroma Freedom Techniques. 

You are the only one that can create the life you desire. It starts with Mindset and Investing In Yourself!

Your Health Is Your Wealth

To Your Transformation

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