I started my Health & Wellness Journey in 1976 when I was tired of popping over the counter and prescription meds like they were Tic Tacs and I wasn't feeling any better.  This is when I started investigating yoga, meditation, organic gardening, food coops and herbs.  

Almost a decade later I started to learn about essential oils. 

During my journey I hosted Herb and Health Fairs, taught and attended classes and conferences, owned a Health Food Store and started a company creating and distributing herbal and essential oil products for beauty and well-being. I became a Certified Yoga Instructor in 1999.

As I continued to have growth and transformation in my own life I was introduced to Aroma Freedom techniques. 

I became a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner in 2020.  My passion is helping women that need to be nurtured from the stress and anxiety of their busy life and are ready to take that first step towards emotional balance.

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