Emotional Healing Reading
 Customized Essential Oil Blend
Customized Detailed Report


Did you know...You can change the way you view yourself and the world creating.....
Clarity, Calm, Confidence and Courage!

Imagine being able to release what is no longer serving you and creating Clarity, Inspiration and Transformation   in Your Life!

What's Included?

Emotional Healing Reading
An Emotional Healing card will be picked specifically for you. 

We'll go over a trigger statement, discuss your true statement, you will have a positive affirmation to say out loud and write as well as the chakra and an essential oil associated with your true affirmation.

In addition you will receive: 
* Customized 5 ml bottle of an essential blend to anchor in your new awareness.
* Customized report of your session.

Living Balanced One Drop At A Time

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