Dream Big!

It seems like yesterday that you had your baby/babies.  Now they are gone....perhaps off to college, work,  marriage or just to be on their own.  For years you have put your children first, it's what mommas do.  

This is the end of one chapter of your life and it can be challenging, although it can also be exciting!

What Now?

It's okay for you to give yourself time to adjust to being an Empty Nester.  Some of us may feel sadness or a loss of the joys we had raising our children.  

What next?  Think about what you loved to do before you had children.  Did you have any hobbies?  Dreams and desires you've left behind?

I became an Empty Nester at 48.  I get it.....it can be challenging! 

As woman, we are nurturer's.  We love taking care of our family and friends.  Now it's time to step back and take care of yourself.

I have some tips and skills that helped me and I know they will help you too!

I'm here to walk along side you through this next chapter of your life.

Let's Do It!

These suggestions apply to single mommas or those who have partners.

Whether it's a trip you and your partner dreamed of for so long.....or exploring the area where you live.

Get your calendar out, your partner's attention and schedule a date day or evening once a week.  This can be as simple as going to a movie, dinner or lunch.  Join a walking, hiking, biking or travel club.   My husband and I have to keep our relationship alive. It takes commitment both of us.

One of the things we did when we became Empty Nester was buy an RV to explore our beautiful country.  We recently bought a pair of binoculars and love to go birding.  We enjoy playing pickleball.  We love spending time with our family including our grandchildren. 

We talked about creating an exciting new chapter with your partner, now let's talk about your friends.  

It's just as important to set 'play dates' with your girlfriends.  It's easy for us to get into a rut, put our PJ's on, watch Netflix and snack.  Research from the University of Oxford, England suggests meet up with friends because it's good for you health.  Time to get the calendar out and set up a standard day/night time you have with your girlfriends, at least once a month.  

Now for you....alone time.  This where you will put on your calendar daily times for meditation, yoga, walking, journaling, visit an arboretum or somewhere that is uplifting to you soul.

Dream big!  Even if you think it's out of your reach.  Sometimes our dreams come true and sometimes they pivot into something even better.  The main idea of dreaming is keeping hope and excitement alive in your life.  

We Were Created To Be Dreamers!

 What are you waiting for?

© Copyright Rita C Karydas