Trust Your Intuition

Here are some tips to work with your intuition:

  1.  Daily practice - find a place to sit quietly
  2.  Become aware of your breath.
  3.  Identify what you want clarity about
  4.  Keep bringing your awareness back to your breathing exercise.  
  5.  Continue for 3 minutes or more.

It took me years to become aware of my intuition.  I promise you, if you practice this on a regular basis you will have the ability to ‘know’ and make great decisions without the need of conscious reasoning.  

I sometimes resist this ‘intuitive voice’.   This is when things don’t flow easy and effortlessly.  Then finally the ‘voice’ is so strong, I have to let go of the resistance and get back on track.  

Again it takes practice.  You can do this!

Once you identify your own energy levels you will find simple breathing exercises will increase your intuition.  

There is a power greater than we are…..listen, trust and take guided action!  

Journaling, walking, nature and being conscious of the words you speak are other ways to continue to develop your intuition.      

Are you ready to deepen your intuitive powers?

If you know others that are ready to tap into their intuition, I would love for you to share this post.  It would make my day! :-)


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