Exploring Longmont Colorado 

Longmont is nestled against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and made for a great 2 day stay.

I love this about the Land Acknowledgment’s…..

“Longmont sits on the traditional territory of the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Ute and other Indigenous peoples. 

We honor the history and the living and spiritual connection that the first peoples have with this land. 

It is our commitment to face the injustices that happened when the land was taken, and to educate our communities, ourselves and our children to ensure that these injustices do not happen again.”

The higher altitude of Longmont can sometimes leave you feeling a bit breathless, but a drop of peppermint oil on your temples and behind your ears can provide an invigorating boost. It helps clear the mind and aids in acclimating to the elevation.

Arriving at St. Vrain State Park we settled in and watched a beautiful sunset before snuggling in our motorhome for the evening.

We started our morning with a bike ride. The mountain air was refreshing and a perfect start to the day. 

After our ride, we headed to the local farmer’s market which was bursting with fresh (lots of organics) produce, crafts and snacks.  I purchased some beautiful micro greens from Simply Fresh Micro Greens. I could not resist some roving from www.lefthandwool.com for when we return home to my weaving project.  Douglas enjoyed a fresh baked cherry turnover as we continued to stroll, enjoying the people we met and the music.

With higher elevation hydration the is key.  These are a few of our favorites to use as a wellness body tonic and to increase natural energy.

  • NingXia Red 1-2 oz a day
  • Aminowise - Muscle Performance Blend & Recovery Blend
  • YL’s Vitality Drops + Electrolytes (Lavender Lemonade)
  • YL’s Vitality Peppermint essential oil

What do you do to stay hydrated during the summer or in higher altitudes?

An added bonus to our day was meeting up with our good friends Tommy and Toni for dinner at Indian Bites. It was great catching up and we were all amazed that it was 10 years ago to the day we had dinner with them in Longmont.

Left our campground @ 6:30 AM Stopped @ Buckee’s for gas,  Perfect timing when the kids FT’d to wish Douglas a Happy Father’s Day because we had just stopped at a rest area to make lunch.  

Next stop in Casey, WY @ Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitter’s.  I was in need of a Fleece jacket for Alaska, they had one that fit and was on sale. I love how the Universe is always guiding us.  

Off to Powder River Campground.

Penny greeted us with a friendly smile. She proudly shared that her family's roots that have flourished on this land for over a century!

Then she invited  us to her quilting shop which is full of treasure  -  beautiful fabrics and quilts, 


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