July 1

Our journey to Dawson Creek was beautiful most of the way.  It was a long drive.  

Somethings we do to reenergize ourselves is:

  1. Stop at a rest area and go for a 10-20 minute walk
  2. 10-20 minutes of Qi Gong
  3. And of course eat snacks; cherries, pears, apples, cheese, GF pretzels and or crackers.
We arrived at the Northern Lights RV Park late afternoon and settled in.

July 2

Traveling with our fellow RV enthusiasts on our epic road trip to Alaska has been a delight. One of our first stops was the local Visitor's Center, where we discovered a quaint yet captivating museum filled with an impressive array of taxidermy exhibits.  Beautiful Dalias and other flowers outside the Visitor/Museum!

Fun Fact:

Dahlias symbolize elegance, creativity, positivity and growth.  It also represents inner strength, likely due to the plant's ability to tolerate harsh conditions. Other general meanings associated with the dahlia is gracefulness, standing out in a crowd, and embracing positive changes.

A quick grocery run ensured we were stocked up on some needed food, followed by a visit to a delightful health food store. This little gem of a shop was a treasure trove of wellness goodies—crystals, diffusers, luxurious soaps, and organic & natural foods.  

It's been nice having full hook ups,  running my 2 diffusers throughout the day.  One with Thieves and Orange and the other with Eucalyptus and Lemon.  Breathing deep and enjoying the fresh, clean and immune enhancing aromas. 

Incorporating Young Living essential oils can elevate your travel experience. Whether you’re diffusing Lavender for a peaceful night’s sleep or using Peppermint to boost your energy during the day, this is a perfect addition to your travels!   

It's been awesome to have our fireplace aglow, offering a comforting, warm, and serene ambiance.

Fun Facts:

  • Dawson Creek is the start of the Alcon Highway (Alaska Hwy).  It is 1,486 miles long and ends in Delta Junction, Alaska.  Driving this highway through Canada is a bucket-list adventure for road trippers in cars and RV’s!
  • Dawson Creek is the service centre for the Peace River Regional District. The community was one of many farming communities established by European-Canadian settlers moving into the Peace River Country.

  • The Canadian government began issuing homestead grants to settlers in 1912 and the pace of migration increased. The Mennonites took full advantage of the land grants/grabs. With the opening of a few stores and hotels in 1919 and the incorporation of the Dawson Creek Cooperative Union on May 28, 1921, it became the dominant business centre in the area.

  • The Northern Alberta Railway built its western terminus in Dawson Creek and the golden spike was driven on December 29, 1930. The first passenger train arrived on January 15, 1931. The arrival of the railway and the construction of grain elevators attracted more settlers and the need to provide services led Dawson Creek to incorporate as a village in May 1936.


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