June 17 - Strolling the town of Kaycee, WY, population 260

We arrived on Sunday, just after they hosted their 12th annual Father's Day “Chris LeDoux Festival”. They had 2500 attend from all over the midwest.

If you’re wondering who was Chris LeDoux…… (we never heard of him)

Chris Ledoux (1948-2005)  was a world champion bareback rider - Inducted into the Museum’s Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2006 after a career as a word champion bareback rider.

Country Music singer-songwriter, entertainer.

In 1989 Garth Brooks immortalized him in the song that would become his first hit. “Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old).  This is when Chris’s career skyrocketed.

Chris had 36 albums (many self released)

Sold more than 6 million in the US as of January 2007

Unfortunately, he passed away March of 2005 from a rare cancer.

Strolling through downtown Kaycee was a treat,  especially when you come across the magnificent Chris LeDoux Monument & Park (Good Ride Cowboy) which is a tribute to the legendary country singer and rodeo champion.  The towering, amazing bronze sculpture is of Chris on his horse and they are on his guitar.

In case you can't see all of the picture - "Have Hope"..... it ends saying "Know You Are Loved And Never Give Up".
Just when you think the moment can't get more exciting we were surprised to see a herd of sheep making their way down Main street. 

The combination of local history and rustic charm weaves itself into every corner, offering an experience that's as authentic as it is unforgettable.


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