June 21

We crossed the border into Canada at Roosville with ease and grace, arriving at Redstreak Campground around 3:00 PM.

Overlooking the charming Village of Radium Hot Springs, breathtaking views of the Columbia Valley and the surrounding mountains.

After settling in at our site, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of salmon croquettes & veggies drizzled in olive oil.  Since our site has no service, we are conserving water by using paper plates.

Around 7:30 PM, we ventured to Radium Hot Springs. It was absolutely delightful! We chatted with some friendly folks and enjoyed a relaxing soak in the springs.

Radium Hot Springs is a picturesque mountain town nestled between the peaks of the Canadian Rockies and Purcell Mountains, with the serene Columbia River meandering through it. The town has a population of just 1,339.

On our way back to the campground, we encountered a few long-horned sheep.
     Redstreak Campground
June 22

**Morning Beginnings**

We kicked off our day with an invigorating bike ride around the campground. The crisp morning air at 55 degrees was refreshing and set the tone for the adventures ahead.

**Exploring Invermere:**

Our adventures led us to the charming town of Invermere,  with delightful experiences.

**Fun Fact:** Invermere  34-km Lake Windermere Whiteway, officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the 'longest skating path in the world.' This iconic spot is a haven for cross-country skiing, skating, skate skiing, pond hockey and ice fishing. 

Our first stop was the local Farmer’s Market, where we purchased some beautiful produce. Then, our eyes spied unusual and beautiful paintings by Roland Daum. I was particularly mesmerized by an oil painting of Lake Agnes, which we are enjoying looking at in our motorhome.

**Sweet Indulgence:**

Next, we treated ourselves with a handful of devious samples at Wild Mountain Chocolate - Bean to Chocolate Bar. They source organic beans and craft the chocolate right in Invermere. After our sampling , we purchase three bars with beans from Equator, Madagascar, and Peru.

We enjoyed the drummer who was entertaining and energizing to us and others strolling the Farmer's Market.

**Unexpected Discovery:**
Leaving the Farmer's Market, we stumbled upon a fabulous  resale shop, Birds Eye Boutique.  It was filled with hidden treasures. I couldn't resist picking up a couple of top-quality items—a dress and a top.

Invermere has so much to offer, from nature and culture to delightful treats and unexpected finds. Every moment spent in this charming town was truly memorable.

June 23

We drove back to Invermere to explore the Markin-MacPhail Westside Legacy Trail North, and let me tell you, the bike ride was absolutely breathtaking. This paved trail meanders through the stunning Columbia Valley, linking the communities of Invermere and Fairmont Hot Springs.

As we cycled along, we enjoyed vibrant wildflowers, the serene beauty of Windermere Lake, and a delightful mix of hills and curves. Strategically placed benches offered perfect spots to pause and soak in the panoramic views. This trail is a testament to community spirit, with numerous private ranch owners graciously granting easements to make this pathway a reality.

Fun Fact: In the early 1900s, ore was extracted from these towering mountains and shipped all the way to Wales. Amazingly, even though the process took two years, it was still profitable!


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