June 23

We arrived at Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court in Banff and settled in with our rig. Surrounded by gorgeous mountains, the drive was absolutely breathtaking. After dinner we took a lovely walk in the rain. As the rain lightened to a drizzle, we spotted a beautiful rainbow in the distance. 

Fun Fact:  Since the beginning of human history rainbows have been a symbol of hope to cultures across the globe.

June 24

We started our Banff adventure by parking at the train station where there's free parking—yay!  We set off to explore Banff, racking up 8,500 + steps.

Our journey's highlight was the Cascade of Time Gardens, a stunning oasis that was just starting to come to life.   If you visit, make sure to take your time wandering through this beautiful space.

For lunch, we shared a delicious Bison burger at a cozy open air pub. Beautiful weather!

Banff’s majestic mountain ranges are simply breathtaking. While the town itself is a bit too touristy for us.

June 25

We had a wonderfully relaxing start to our morning. Before we left Douglas rode his bike around the campground and saw a vehicle that had a RVing to Alaska sticker on it!  We connected with them, Katy & Mike, and will hook up with them in Jasper.  Interesting enough we both have pretty much the same itinerary.  

Next we packed a picnic lunch, loaded up on snacks, and set off for Johnston’s Canyon. It was a beautiful hike to the Lower Falls, after a light lunch.  It was amazing to see a gentlemen, Peter, doing this hike on crutches  and another woman using a walker.  It was a strenuous hike up, down and narrow.  They were an inspiration!

Side note, what are the chances of this:
I met Peter on the hike which is my fathers name and later that night having dinner the waiters was very lovey and her name was Florence which was my mothers name, the universe is trying to tell me something!

Next, we  headed to Lake Louise to catch the 2:00 pm shuttle to Lake Moraine and Lake Louise. Both of these were absolutely stunning and majestic!

During our adventure, we met a lovely lady named Sri, along with her parents, husband, and their two adorable dogs. They’re originally from Malaysia and now reside in Vancouver. We’re planning to reconnect with them on our way back home when we stop in Vancouver for a night.

Fun Facts: Lake Moraine is a stunningly blue-green, snow and glacially fed lake situated in Banff National Park, surrounded by the Valley of Ten Peaks. Lake Louise, also within Banff National Park, is renowned for its turquoise glacier-fed waters and scenic beauty.

We compiled our day with a delicious meal at the Outpost Pub, where we had the pleasure of being served by Florence, a delightful server from England. We love hearing people’s stories and making connections. Regrettably, I didn’t snap a photo of our beautifully presented meal—chicken thigh and leg accompanied by a fantastic slaw, pickled radishes, and a scrumptious basmati rice dish topped with a perfectly cooked a hokey sunny side up egg. Yummy!!


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