July 8

On our way to Watson Lake we enjoyed seeing a bear and a group of bison.  We stopped at a Canyon (can't remember the name of it) for a short walk to the river.  Met a couple who shared with us a special place for them, Boya Lake.  We’re excited to make that part of our adventure!

Got to Baby Nugget RV Park.  Very nice and we enjoyed meeting Kelsey the owner to be, the daughter of Linda who owns the park. They also have Wolf It Down Restaurant and the Northern Beaver Post Gift Shop.  www.nuggetcity.com

Fun Fact:

Linda’s dad built Baby Nugget RV Park in 1999 when he was 71 and finished it 20 years later, at the age of 91. They have an incredible family history gold mining in the Yukon. They also stumbled into Jade mining. If you want to learn more about this fascinating story Gwen and Don Lee wrote a book of their journey and struggles, "Rivers of Gold a True Yukon Story. Douglas is reading it now.

July 9

The “Sign Post Forest" was a sight to see! Carl Lindley started the Sign Post Forest in 1942 when he was a homesick soldier from Danville, Illinois.He was working on the construction of the Alaska Highway and added his hometown sign to an army mileage post.  
Fun Fact:

  • As of 2023 there were close to 100,000 signs people from all over the word have posted!
  • The Sign Post Forest was designated a territorial historical site on August 30, 2013
  • The pieces of heavy equipment found in the Forest were used during the construction of the Alaska Highway
  • In 1992, while celebrating the 50 anniversary of the building of the Alaska Highway, Lindley and his wife returned to Watson Lake and erected a sign replicating Lindley’s original sign
Off to the Northern Lights Center - a planetarium with a dome shaped roof and the movies is projected to the roof. The 360 degree view gives a three dimensional effect to   to watch a fascinating movie about the planets and the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)  

It was great meeting another couple, Gwen & Jim that had the RVing to Alaska sticker on their RV.  We are all  going to Boya Lake the tomorrow..


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