June 28

We enjoyed another beautiful drive to Jasper and settled into our space at Whistlers Campground. After walking around downtown, we headed back to our motorhome. What a treat it was to see two elk right across from our site, enjoying their dinner!

June 29

We had a great time hiking Lake Edith with our RVing to Alaska friends, Mike & Katy.  Gorgeous…. so hard to explain the beauty.  We were having so much fun chatting and enjoying the views that we made a wrong turn and hiked quite a bit more than we intended to. 

After our hike we enjoyed a picnic lunch.

Fun Facts:  

Edith Lake is a glacial fed lake about 8-10  (4 - 6 miles) kilometers from the town of Jasper.
There are private cabins surrounding the lake. The cottage community began in 1908 when writer Agnes Laut obtained permission to begin an artist/writer community at the lake. 

Parks Canada granted limited access leases to Agnes and some of her friends.
Lake Edith freezes over in the winter and skating on wild ice is something to take in and experience. On the right conditions, cross-country skiing can be very good.
                                                    Starting the Hike Around Lake Edith

Dinner was another fun time.  We met Katy & Mike and our new friends, Greg & Sharon,  from Frisco Lakes (who happened to be in Jasper) for dinner at The Raven Bistro.  Fantastic, delicious food and great conversations and laughter.  They sat us outside on the patio, lovely evening.  We were so busy enjoying each other's company's I forgot to get a picture of the 6 of us.  

Ice cream after dinner at Scoops & Loops next door.

June 30

Another incredible journey driving to Lake Maligne! The drive was breathtaking, with mountains so majestic they left me speechless. The colors and intensity were simply stunning.

Douglas and I rented a canoe for an hour. It was a serene, beautiful morning on the water.

Dandelions are like "candy" for bears!  We’ve learned that when berries start to ripen, they become an irresistible treat as well. By the end of the season, the berries begin to ferment, and the bears love them,  giving them the nickname "drunken bears."

Later, we met up with Mike & Katy for a picnic lunch. 

Back at the campground now, preparing for another exciting adventure tomorrow!


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