July 6

What can I say, driving to Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park was another spectacular journey.

Meandering along the Trout River, the mountains and having to stop for about 10 minutes to let a herd of Bison leisurely cross the highway was special.  We saw another baby black bear on the side of the highway.

The Canadian highways are great and we love how on both sides they mow a good portion of the landscape so you can see wildlife to warn you to slow down.

We arrived at Laird Hot Springs early enough and found the perfect spot for our motorhome with lots of sun to charge our solar panels.  An added plus was the singing of birds and lush nature all around us.

We went to the hot springs twice and they were relaxing, regenerating and surrounded by nature.

We love meeting new friends.  Mandy and Marty are traveling with 4 children (9 and under) with an Au Pair.  They love dry camping and have a successful business filming weddings all over the world.  

Fun Fact: 
Laird River Hot Springs Provincial Park is in British Columbia, Canada.  It's home to the second largest hot springs in Canada.  The first is Deep River Hot Springs.

Fun Fact:  Mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians are all drawn to the abundant swamp vegetation and it's associated insect life.

Moose frequent the area to feed on the aquatic plants which are richer than land plants in essential minerals

We giggled that this is Laird Hot Springs Visitor Center. The inside had a bench and pamphlets

July 7

We had an amazing hike to Smith River Falls.  It was only about 20 minutes down to the falls but it was extremely steep and rocky.  Very glad we had our walking sticks.  Once at the bottom I enjoyed a dip in the water……so cold and refreshing and Douglas fished.

We met some other folks….so interesting.  One couple was from New Zealand and had their heavy duty Toyota Land Cruiser that he designed the inside.  They had it shipped (if I’m remember correctly) to Vancouver.  You can follow them @AmirAndAzadeh and learn more about what they do. They are traveling for 18 months going to the Arctic Circle and then to Antartica!

The other guy we met was from Barcelona, Spain, flew into Vancouver and bought a motorcycle.  He was telling us it takes him 40 minutes to unload everything off his bike when he’s camping and 40 minutes to load it back on his bike. He’s traveling for 1 year.  Going to Arctic Circle as well.

We enjoyed the chats and our picnic lunch.

We met a lovely mom and daughter that are traveling together -Nellie and Denise.  If you want to follow them on instagram - @nelliesvanlife  Check out the inside of the van Nellie designed and built.

Back to the motorhome to R&R until we decide to walk down to the hot springs.  

Fun Fact: 
Smith River Falls contains the spectacular Smith River Falls which is 35 meters high and 10 meters wide.  It plunges into a deep pool below with a thunderous roar, especially in early summer.  



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