July 5

Driving to Muncho Lake was another breathtaking adventure, packed with spectucular scenery. The journey took us through mountains, winding curves, thrilling ascents and descents, and past serene lakes and lively rivers... it was pure, unspoiled beauty.  

Our first stop was Testa where they made delicious artisan meats, sour bread and cinnamon buns.  We bought an Andouille and Chorizo sausage and a cinnamon bun.  

After we left Testa’s, as we drove along 97 N we enjoyed passing by Summit Lake, which is beautiful, and seeing a playful baby black bear, a field horses, and Stone sheep.

Fun Fact:

Summit Lake Park is a beautiful 6 hectare park located with in the Nakusp range of the Selkirk Mountains. Park visitors enjoy canoeing, fishing for rainbow and cutthroat trout or swimming in the lake’s clear, refreshing water.

The mountainous backdrop of the park is a stage to the wonders of nature. A natural spectacle occurs as thousands of toads emerge from the lake and migrate to the nearby forest to hibernate for the winter. Mountain goats can often be viewed on rocky outcroppings and in late summer, while birds in flight paint the skyline.            

Our intention was to boondock at Mucho Lake but both campgrounds were full.  We were thankful to get a RV spot at the Northern Rockies Lodge which is on Mucho Lake.  We got some steps in down by the lake and throughout the area that has cabins.  Quiet and a great place to hunker down for the night.  

Fun Fact:

A few minutes from the Alaska Highway, Muncho Lake Park has the serenity and seclusion expected in this area of the north. Some of the most stunning natural landscapes can be viewed at this park. Spectacular mountains, bountiful wildlife and brilliantly colored wildflowers are just a few of the wonders to discover here. 
In the southern portion of the park, you will see the very impressive Folded Mountain towering above the road. Keep an eye open for moose which frequent the many swamps within the park.
Twelve kilometers of jade-colored water will tell you that you have reached Muncho Lake

You have the choice of camping at Strawberry Flats campground or at MacDonald campground, 11 km further north. The lake’s cold, deep waters are tinted green by minerals and provide a home to lake trout, arctic grayling, bull trout and whitefish


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